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Amazon Delta Horse Ride


Level of Experience

Number of People

2 – 6

Type of Ride


8 days


Marajo is the largest fluvial island in the world – about the same size and shape as Switzerland. It’s a place like no other where the houses are built on stilts, the local police patrol on water buffalo and where dragonflies grow to the size of small birds.
Our journey takes you between fazendas, through farmland and into the jungle where the forest canopy resonates with the cries of birds and monkeys. The rivers and streams teem with life and there is a huge diversity of flora and fauna.
We ride Marajoara, a local breed descended from Portuguese horses introduced in the early 18th century. They are tough and well adapted to the extreme seasonal variations. Water buffalo, which are also ridden, are an integral part of the island culture and there are opportunities to see the local cowboys work with horses and buffaloes.


• Tips are commonly paid in Brazil. Tipping is not essential, but if you are happy with the service you have been given, then it will be gratefully received.
• If you wish to tip, then we recommend a tip of c. US$10 per guest per night. (can be paid in local currency).
• Open from May to August
• Set departures & private groups
• 7 nights / 5 days riding
• 2 – 6 hours riding per day
• Weight limit: 14st 1lbs (90 kg) (197 lbs)
• Usual maximum: 6
• Nearest airport: Belem

Type of ride


Location & Weather

There is little seasonal variation in temperature in Marajo as it lies on the equator. Average maximum daily temperatures are consistently between 28ºC and 35ºC year round. Evenings are warm.
The rides are scheduled to run in the drier months, May to August. But there is the possibility of showers at any time of year.

Riding Features

Cattle Drives, Forest Ride, Swim with horse.




This is not a typical tourist destination so don’t expect too many luxuries. Accommodation is limited and we overnight in traditional simple farmhouses.



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