The Coffee Trail

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The Coffee Trail


Level of Experience

Number of People

2 – 8

Type of Ride


7 days


Setting off from Fazenda Nova, travel on horseback through the pretty coffee highlands. Ride through rolling meadows and along woodland paths; splash through clear streams and pass by banana trees and sugar cane fields. You stay at fabulous colonial houses along the way.
Since the mid-nineteenth century some of the finest coffee in all of Brazil has come from this region. The altitude (800-1,300 metres), the dry winters, rainy summers and fertile soil make for perfect coffee growing conditions. During the ride you will learn about each fazenda’s unique coffee growing and blending techniques.
There are still areas of Sao Paulo state that have not given way to coffee growing. In these pockets of land the Atlantic Rainforest still remains and here you can often find the Jequitiba tree, a giant of the forest, this species can grow to over 40 metres tall and 3 metres in diameter. The oldest known specimen is estimated at around 3,000 years old.
Our Coffee Trail begins and ends at Fazenda Nova which is close to the city of Mococa. The homestead is one of the oldest plantation homes in the region and the ranch used to be twenty times the size it is today before it was shared amongst family members over the years. Horses have been bred and trained here for seven generations.
The horses are bred and trained at Fazenda Nova. They are mainly Arab and Mangalarga crosses. All are very comfortable, well mannered and easy to handle, standing between 14.2hh and 15.3hh, they are happy in either English or Western saddles. Your horse will be tacked up for you, but you may assist with tacking up and un-tacking your horse if you wish.


• Tips are commonly paid in Brazil. Tipping is not essential, but if you are happy with the service you have been given, then it will be gratefully received.
• If you wish to tip, then we recommend a tip of c. US$10 per guest per night. (can be paid in local currency).
• Open March to December
• Set departures & private groups
• 6 nights / 5 days riding
• 5 – 6 hours riding per day
• Weight limit: 15 st 9 lbs (100 kgs) (219 lbs)
• Usual maximum: 8
• Nearest airport: São Paulo

Type of ride

Based Horse Ride

Location & Weather

São Paulo state lies to the South East of Brazil. The nearest international airport is Sao Paulo (c. three hours drive from Fazenda Nova).
The seasons are the reverse of the UK. The ride does not run in the hottest months (December to February). Day time temperatures in March to April (Autumn) and September to October (Spring) range from 20-25 degrees C. The weather at this time is generally pleasant with warm sunny days and clear skies. It is hotter during the day in July (due to clear skies) but can get chilly at night.

Riding Features

Forest Ride, Havier Riders




Accommodation on the trail ranges from comfortable rooms in the main plantation houses to more basic guest rooms at Fazenda Nova. At Fazenda Santa Antonio some of the rooms have shared bathroom facilities, but at the other overnight stays, each room has its own bathroom.
At Fazenda Nova, there are a mixture of double and twin rooms, each with their own en-suite shower room. The guest rooms are simple (they were formerly where the slaves slept) but with their antique furniture and tiled floors, have a great deal of charm.
As is common with a number of locations around the world, the plumbing in Brazil can sometimes be temperamental.
As is common with a number of locations around the world, the plumbing in Brazil can sometimes be temperamental.


“We came back today and the ride was great. Friendly people with great culture. This itinerary is part of the historical memories of Brazil, beautiful places very close to Sao Paulo. Unforgettable!” ~ Davide Scialpi


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