Ibitipoca Horse Ride

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Ibitipoca Horse Ride


Level of Experience

Number of People

2 – 8

Type of Ride


6 days


Ibitipoca Farm is a preserved area of Minas Gerais state, famous for its landscapes full of waterfalls, peaks, ridges, caves and natural pools. One of the most endangered biomas in the world and a biodiversity hotspot. Because of its altitude and geographical location, has many different biomes, such as Atlantic Forest, fields of high altitude, and Cerrado which results in an incredible range of biodiversity.
The rides trails are across more than 4 thousand hectares of land, where you will encounter a great diversity of landscapes, attractions and emotions. Ibitipoca, is located squarely inside the Atlantic Forest but has pockets of different environments, such as fields of high altitudes and rocky planes. In every ride you will encounter breathtaking landscapes. Altogether there are over 200 kms of trails that will lead you to stunning landscapes and pristine waterfalls.


• Tips are commonly paid in Brazil. Tipping is not essential, but if you are happy with the service you have been given, then it will be gratefully received.
• If you wish to tip, then we recommend a tip of c. US$10 per guest per night. (can be paid in local currency).
• Open January to November
• Set departures & private groups
• 6 nights / 5 days riding
• 5 – 6 hours riding per day
• Weight limit: 15 st 9 lbs (100 kgs) (219 lbs)
• Usual maximum: 8
• Nearest airport: São Paulo

Type of ride

Based Horse Ride

Location & Weather

Ibitipoca has over 4,000 hectares of preserved area that embraces and protects the Ibitipoca State Park in the county Lima Duarte, state of Minas Gerais. The area has been transformed in to a continuous stretch of Atlantic Forest, one of the most endangered biomas in the world and a biodiversity hotspot.
Ibitipoca is a year round destination, from November to March, is hotter, with heavier rain. Autumn/winter (May to September) is drier, winter temperatures sometimes dropping to 5C. April, May and June it is drier with cool evenings.

Riding Features

Luxury Ride




Ibitipoca’s luxury is found in the simplicity of every detail. The rooms are in a renovated Farm mansion surrounded by green area at an altitude of 900m. The ensuites features unique decor composed of handicrafts that highlight the local culture, king-size beds, Egyptian cotton bedding, Victorian baths, exclusive amenities Trousseau, heated towels and floor.
A Wine cellar, Spa, Sauna and Jacuzzi are also available.
Ibitipoca doesn’t only offer good food, but an experience. Food isn’t just a chance to revel in the pleasure of flavors, textures, aromas, new flavors… it is a social gathering and it is, above all, health. In Ibitipoca all meals are an opportunity to enjoy local flavors, culture and life.



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