Why Should You Ride In Brazil?

Yes, Brazil has been the number 1 travel destination in South America for the past decade. It’s known for the magical Carnival in Rio, for the Bossa Nova and Samba music style and of course, for the Brazilian soccer team.

In 2014, it hosted the FIFA World Cup and just a few years later, became the host of the Olympics Games. These events revealed what a lovely country Brazil is to the world and whatever the reason, there’s no argument that Brazil abounds with culture, geographic and climatic diversity and natural beauties.

All of these attributes concede a great potential for the realization of high standard equestrian tourism in the country. This kind of holiday modality allows an experience of integration with nature, culture, traditions, handicrafts and local gastronomy that contributes to the sustainable development of a destination, since it generates the least environmental impact when compared to other tourist activities.

What is so special about riding holidays?

Well, on a horseback ride we have the opportunity to see places and feel emotions that are only possible on a horse riding holiday. It is an enriching and authentic experience where you can explore and transform yourself.

Along the way we discover the peaceful silence of nature, new places and stories.

Here is a list of rides we recommend on your next riding holiday in Brazil:

1. Amazon Horse Ride

About the same size and shape as Switzerland, Marajo is the largest fluvial island in the world. It is an unusual place, where houses are built on stilts, the local police patrol on water buffalo and dragonflies grow to the size of small birds.

Our journey takes you across rural buffalo and cattle farms and on into the jungle, where the forest canopy is home to monkeys and abundant bird-life. The rivers and streams teem with life and there is a huge diversity of flora and fauna.

Crossing the river with horses in the bufallo and cattle farms

Photo credit: Paulo Junqueira

2. Bahia Beach Horse Ride

A ride through marvelous beaches, Indian and small fishing communities and preserved rainforest.
One of the earliest settlements founded by the Portuguese in Brazil (1586), Trancoso is a village of incredible natural beauty.

Crossing the river Caraíva with horses

Photo credit: Paulo Junqueira

3. Canyons and Waterfalls Horse Ride

The folklore of Rio Grande do Sul, dignifies the magnitude of the gaucho soul, legendary in the history and true lover of his brave companion: the horse. Do not conceive a gaucho without his horse.

A view of the Canyons: miles and miles of wild nature

Photo credit: Julio Oliveira

4. Darwin’s Rainforest Mountains-to-Sea Horse Ride

In 1832 the Atlantic Rainforest overwhelmed Charles Darwin with its spectacular beauty and biological diversity. On this trail you ride through these exuberant forests of ancient trees and see a little of what enchanted the young Darwin all those years ago.

Going uphill on the mountains of the Atlantic Rainforest

Photo credit: Julia Leonforte

5. Ibitipoca Horse Ride

Ibitipoca Farm is a preserved area of Minas Gerais state, famous for its landscapes full of waterfalls, peaks, ridges, caves and natural pools. One of the most endangered biomas in the world and a biodiversity hotspot. Because of its altitude and geographical location, has many different biomes, such as Atlantic Forest, fields of high altitude, and Cerrado which results in an incredible range of biodiversity.
Altogether there are over 200 kms of trails that will lead you to stunning landscapes and pristine waterfalls.

6. Lagoa do Peixe National Park Horse Ride

The area is an important feeding ground for many birds and the number of different habitats within the park have resulted in some unique environmental qualities and features. The park is considered a “Wetland of Significant Importance”, is part of Brazil’s Rainforest Biosphere Reserve and is considered an important shallow water source for birds by Birdlife International.

You will be able to see why the locals say that this place is the only place on earth where the sun both rises and sets in the sea.

Golden hour on a sunset ride

Photo credit: Paulo Junqueira

7. The Coffee Trail

Travel on horseback through the pretty coffee highlands. Ride through rolling meadows and along woodland paths; splash through clear streams and pass by banana trees and sugar cane fields. During the ride you will learn about each fazenda’s unique coffee growing and blending techniques.

Riding through the endless Coffee Plantation

Photo credit: Julia Leonforte

8. The Pantanal Horse Experience

Pantanal is the largest continuous wetland in the world. It has an area of 140.000 square kilometers of floodplain in Brazil and it also spreads through Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. Pantanal is really an alluvial plain, one so nearly flat that rainwater just loafs across it, flooding it in the full season, draining away in the dry. It is a World Heritage Site.
Those who have the opportunity to visit this hidden tropical paradise in the heart of South America and to experience even for a lithe while, its wildlife and lush vegetation as well as to get to know the people, will see the world with different eyes.

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