The largest country in South America, Brazil occupies almost half the continent. Nearly all of it is in the Southern Hemisphere and much of it is tropical, with vast stretches of rainforest filled with exotic plants and wildlife. Its 7,400-kilometer Atlantic coast is lined with golden sand beaches, and its interior is filled with mineral resources.
Come and ride with us in this beautiful country!

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About Us

We started to organise riding holidays in Brazil 15 years ago. Combining travel and equine knowledge, we are the first Brazilian Riding Holiday Operator specialized in equestrian experience.


Our travel consultants have all the expertise required and destination know-how to speak at first-hand with many years of riding and international travel experience at your disposal by choosing Ride in Brazil.


We’ll make sure that you are happy and safe with your program, suggesting which rides are suitable for you and taking you to learn about our history, culture and traditions.


It’s a riding holiday that exceeds the expectations in all aspects. Wonderful itinerary and excellent organization. Thank you for provide us a fantastic experience!

Eliane Nunes

Bahia Beach Horse Ride

The trek was amazing and scenery beautiful. A real adventure! At stages the ride was very difficult and days quite long. Next time I would go fitter.

Jane McFadzean

Darwin's Rainforest Mountains-to-Sea Horse Ride

I had very good time in the Pantanal – to my surprise managed to do a lot of cantering. The pousada is very well run, and the riding guide was excellent too.

Natasha Kamenetskaya

The Pantanal Horse Experience

We came back today and the ride was great. Friendly people with great culture. This itinerary is part of the historical memories of Brazil, beautiful places very close to Sao Paulo. Unforgettable!

Davide Scialpi

The Coffee Trail



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